Day of the Eleventh Doctor

Now that Whole30 is over and out of the way, let’s have some fun!!

Yesterday, April 3rd, was Day of the Eleventh Doctor. I apologize for being late to the party, but 12 hours late is better than 12 years…

Hopefully no one needs four psychiatrists because of my late post.
Anyway, I’ve been looking forward to Day of the Eleventh Doctor on April 3rd ever since I read about it on some nerd blog. I’ve been thinking about what I could make to celebrate my favorite regeneration. Two of the ideas I tossed around were homemade TARDIS self-destruct buttons (A.K.A jammie dodgers) and blue velvet cupcakes with fez and bow tie decorations. But I wanted to do something big. Something I’ve never done before. True, I’ve never made any of the above, but that’s besides the point. I wanted to make a cake.

And not just any cake, of course. A TARDIS cake. 

I said ‘geronimo’ and hit the Internet in search of TARDIS cakes. I was bombarded by images and recipes about TARDIS themed cakes. Most of them were chocolate, one layer cakes decorated with blue buttercream. They looked great, but the over-achiever in me wanted to go above and beyond. I wanted to make a layer cake. I saw this super awesome looking cake from Artisan Cake Company. It’s beautiful and doesn’t even look like a cake! The decoration is made with blue modeling chocolate though, and like fondant, I don’t have much any experience with it yet. I decided I was overachieving enough, setting out to make a multi-layered TARDIS cake. I would stick to frosting, my specialty.

Now that I had the exterior of my cake in mind, what flavors would I choose? I immediately dismissed the chocolate idea; it just doesn’t scream ‘Doctor Who’ to me. What flavor would match Eleven’s personality? It’s kind of embarrassing that I couldn’t think of a flavor that reminded me of my favorite Doctor. So I texted my friend for a suggestion. And I could not believe I didn’t think of it before!

She suggested a custard frosting. 

It was a huge DUH moment. Custard! It’s often the very first thing that usually comes to Whovian’s minds when we think of Matt Smith’s Doctor. Instantly, the ideas started pouring in. I would do a fish fingers and custard flavored cake. 

Ok, well not really. Admittedly, that would be gross. So I thought of a cake flavor that would resemble fried fish fingers: cinnamon swirl vanilla cake with vanilla custard frosting. There’s a Doctor Who themed restaraunt in Beacon, NY, called the Pandorica and they have “fish fingers and custard” on their dessert menu. It’s fried french toast sticks with custard. It was delicious, and now is the inspiration for my cake.

I was so excited to be making this cake, I literally couldn’t wait. Of course, I was extremely worried that it wouldn’t work, and given that this is my first time making a cake like this, I expected it to totally flop. Well, I’m pleased to say that it didn’t. The frosting may just be my new go-to. It’s much simpler than I thought it would be. The hardest part was exercising enough patience for the custard and the butter/sugar mixture to whip together. 

I love Eleven. He’s funny, klutzy, and likes random things. His TARDIS is my favorite shade of blue. His companion, Clara, is my favorite. He’s the one who says my favorite Doctor Who quotes about life, and my favorite episode (Vincent and the Doctor) is one of his. Somehow, he seems so wise and so much like a grandfather, while simultaneously having the energy of a puppy and the maturity of a five-year-old. Eleven is the lovable uncoordinated housecat of the regenerations.

The reasons why I love him are endless.

Oh, and I have a Doctor Who playlist now. Doctor Who playlists are cool.

I used this recipe for the cinnamon swirl vanilla cake, and this one for the custard frosting. I’m definitely using both again!

To keep the cake from tipping over, I used a shish kebab skewer in each corner. Even with the kebab sticks, the cake does lean a little to the side, but it’s hardly noticeable. 

My family can’t wait to dig into it.


Right Now – February 2017

*Warning: this post may contain SPOILERS for the Sherlockians who have not yet seen season 4*

Hey guys!

It’s Feburary…can you believe it? No, it’s not just February. It’s half way through February. We’re half way through the second month.

And that means it’s time for an update. It’s funny how so much can happen in just a few short weeks. That’s all a month is, really. Short weeks.

So, what’s happening? Well, like I mentioned in the January post, I have four Regents exams to take to graduate high school. I was swamped with studying for the first two exams, History and English. I am a firm believer that the word “studying” is a contraction of “students dying”.

It did pay off though. I passed and that’s all I wanted. But now I have two left, Biology and Algebra. Fun, right?

But let’s not talk about school. How does that sound? Lovely? I thought so too.

Let’s see.

In the Star Wars universe, we learned the title for the next movie: Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi. I personally think that is a great title. It’s interesting, makes you wonder if there truly is a last Jedi. Maybe Rey will start the Training Academy again. I just can’t wait until December to finally find out the answers to all the questions the Force Awakens left us with. 

In the Doctor Who fandom, I heard that Peter Capaldi is leaving Doctor Who next season. Which means that the Doctor is regenerating soon. That makes me really upset because I love Twelve. I really, really love him. Eleven is my Doctor, but Twelve is amazing. But this is life a Whovian leads. 

We signed up for this. 
I just hope he doesn’t regenerate alone like Ten did. And I’m curious to see what they do with the next regeneration – the Thirteenth Doctor. I wonder what his iconic items will be. Nine has the leather jacket and bananas; Ten has the Converse, 3D glasses and catchphrase ‘Allons-y!’; Eleven, of course, is known for bow ties, fish fingers & custard, fezzes and ‘Geronimo!’. Twelve has his sonic sunglasses. What will Thirteen have??

While we’re on the subject of TV, I also started watching another BBC favorite, Sherlock. I was hooked by the first case, and I knew I was going to love Sherlock and John’s friendship. I noticed that I am typically most attracted to INTJ character – hence, my love for the Twelfth Doctor, and now Sherlock. They both have the best non-chalant, blunt and hysterical one-liners. 

There’s something about the INTJ that intrigues me. Maybe it’s because I share the same dominate cognitive function (Ni) and the same inferior function (Se), and reversed middle funtions with the INTJ (Te, Fi for INTJ; Fe, Ti for INFJ). 

Or maybe it’s because I live with an INTJ (my mother) and I get to see the way they work in real life. Either way, if there’s an INTJ character in any book, show or movie, that character will most likely be one of my favorite characters. Strangely however, I don’t have my own INTJ character.

But back to Sherlock. I started watching it about a little over three weeks ago and I’m already finished with it. The cases and solutions are so mind-blowing. I love/hate Moriarty with a burning passion. I hate him like I hate the Daleks, but I love him (almost) like I love the Weeping Angels. Is he coming back, or is he really gone? Despite what’s alluded to, I have a difficult time believing that Moriarty is dead. If Sherlock faked his death, who says Moriarty couldn’t have?

And although I don’t like S4 as much as the rest, I will admit that it had the most awesome plot twist and a somewhat happy ending. It seems that the Baker Street duo is back to normal, and everyone is safe for the time being. I’m about to start fangirling about it, so for the sake of the length of this post, I will restrain myself.

Now onto books. I finished the Book Thief last week, and I’m preparing a book review post about it. So stay tuned for that. It was amazing. Really, really well-written. But I’ll tell you all about it later. Now that I finished it, I don’t really know what to read next. I have an ever-growing list of books to read, but I can never decided which one to read next.

Suggestions? What do you think I should read next?

Well, that’s about it.

Happy Doctor Who Day, Whovians!

That’s right. Today is November 23, 2016. To Whovians, this day is one of rejoicing. It’s been 53 years since the very first episode came out, back in the 60s. Since then, Doctor Who has become a major part of pop culture, not only in Britian where it originated, but also in other countries. It has developed a huge fandom following. The original series, first airing on November 23, 1963, was produced for 26 years until 1989. The show was cancelled, but thankfully revived in 2005.

It’s also been three years since Day of the Doctor, the beloved 50th Anniversary Episode came out. Can you believe that? It’s three years old!

I know. I can’t believe it either.

To celebrate (since I wasn’t able to have any of my Whovian friends over 😢), I made cupcakes! And I’m just going to talk about the fantastic show. I’ll probably watch an episode or two as well.

Let’s play a game. Doctor Who twenty thirteen questions. Feel free to comment!

1) What’s your favorite episode?
2) Which Regeneration is your favorite?
3) Who’s your favorite companion?
4) Which villain is your favorite? Least favorite?
5) Which DW ship is your favorite?
6) What’s your favorite Doctor Who quote?
7) What’s your favorite thing about the show? Least favorite thing?
8) If you were the Doctor’s companion, where would you want to go first?
9) Which was sadder for you: Rose and Ten being separated or Amy and Rory’s deaths?
10) Which episode scared you the most? Cry the hardest? Laugh the most?
11) Have you watched Classic Who?
12) Do you wish Christopher Eccleston had stayed for more than one season?
13) Which TARDIS interior is your favorite? If you’re like Ten, which is your least favorite?

      “I don’t like it.”
      For me personally, 1) I don’t really have an all-time favorite episode. Actually, I take that back. I do have a favorite: ‘Vincent and the Doctor’. It’s so beautiful how the episode portrayed life – a pile of good things and bad things. In my opinion, that episode has the most meaning. I find myself tearing up every time I watch it.

      2) I’m also undecided between the Doctors. They’re all so special and funny in their own ways. But right now, Eleven is probably my favorite. Or maybe Ten. But Twelve is just awesome. But Nine was the one who made me love the show in the first place. See, I can’t decide. 

      3) Favorite companion. Now that’s a little easier for me. It’s Clara. Runners up would be River and Rose. 4) As for villains, my favorite has been the Weeping Angels since I first watched ‘Blink’ (which was the second episode I saw). Least favorite? It’s a toss up between the Daleks and the Cybermen. I HATE both. Well, it’s more like I love to hate them. 5) My favorite ship is one I’ve contemplated for awhile. At first, it was Ten and Rose. And while I still adore them together, I really ship Eleven and River. However, my heart was destroyed when Danny died because I loved him and Clara together so much. Still, the TARDIS is the only one who will always be there for the Doctor, even if she doesn’t always take him where he wants to go. Honestly, I ship the Doctor and his TARDIS the most.

      6) Favorite Doctor Who quote… Hmm. This is also a tough one. I love all of the funny dialogue, like when the Doctor himself references the Empty Child/The Doctor Dances episodes, or “Mr. Thick Thick Thickity Thick Face from Thicktown, Thickania and so’s your dad!” But my favorite quote is probably from ‘Vincent and the Doctor’.

      “The way I see it, every life is a pile of good things and bad things. The good things don’t always soften the bad things. But vice versa, the bad things don’t necessarily spoil the good things or make them unimportant.”

      7) My favorite thing about the show. I love the fact that it’s science fiction and wibbly-wobbly. But I also love the way the characters, the plot, the everything, come to life when you watch it. I feel like I’m a part of the show every time I watch it and I love that. I love how it makes me think, makes me laugh, makes me cry, makes me want to keep watching. Least favorite thing? That Netflix had the audacity to take it off. RUDE! Is that all they are now? Rude and not ginger?

      8) If I was a companion, I’d really want to anywhere the Doctor wants. I love how he gets all excited about planets and adventures. And for question number 9, I think both are equally sad because both destroyed a part of the Doctor. He loved Rose and he loved Amy and Rory. They’re his family. 

      Question 10: Night Terrors scared me the most. Dolls are terrifying. I cry everytime I watch ‘Doomsday’, but I sobbed during ‘Vincent and the Doctor’. ‘The Angels Take Manhatten’ was pretty bad too. And I laughed the most at ‘The Doctor’s Wife’ episode. I loved how the TARDIS interacted with the Doctor. But that episode made me cry pretty hard as well.

      11) No, I have not actually watched Classic Who. But don’t hate me. I really want to and I will eventually.

      12) Yes. I was very sad to see Nine go, because he was my first Doctor. But I loved his farewell scene, when he says that Rose was fantastic and that he was too. I thought that was wonderful.

      And finally, question 13. I’m partial to Eleven’s TARDIS interior. So while I absolutely love Ten, I disagree with him on this one. I personally don’t have a least favorite.

      This show means a lot to Whovians across the globe. So I want to hear your answers! And if you have any extra questions to play, I’d love to hear those too! Now if you excuse me, I have some episodes to watch. Allons-y!