Oh, hello there! I’m McKayla, also known as ‘that one’, Mictionary, and Alex. Whatever I’m called, though, I always respond to the names Avalon and Liam, food, and mentions of Star Wars and Doctor Who. The easiest way to get me out of my room willingly is to play twenty øne piløts.

As implied, I’m a big science-fiction fan. If it has to do with aliens, outer space and imaginary worlds, I will probably love it. I’m also an aspiring novelist. My main work, Before the Clock Strikes Zero, is my pride and joy. Writing is breathing to me. I literally can not go a day without it. I’ve tried.

Worst ten seconds of my life 😜

People have described me as a nerd – ‘book nerd’, ‘sci-fi nerd’, and even just ‘nerd’. But I’m also an MBTI nerd. I myself am an INFJ; I love psychology, sociology and the Myers-Briggs theory. I could spend all day studying the cognitive functions.

I feel very strongly about being who you are and standing up for what you believe in. We’re all different. We should all strive to understand each other’s differences. No one should feel judged because of who they are. So this blog is a judgement-free zone. I try to voice my opinions in ways that don’t undermine others’. We all have that need to be accepted for who we are.

Enjoy your stay!


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