May the Fourth 2017

Boy, has life been busy. School, school, school; it’s getting old.

Anyway, Star Wars! 40th anniversary year! Last week my mom and I were in Disney, where I ran my first half marathon. But not just any marathon- not even just a Disney marathon…It was the Star Wars Dark Side half!

It actually was very fun. The running part is relatively easy when you stop for pictures with Stormtroopers, and I was motivated knowing that Darth Vader was at the finish line. We got pictures with Kylo Ren (who is actually very intimidating, even when it’s just a photo-opt), Captain Phasma, both classic Stormtroopers and First Order ones, Chewbacca, and even some Jawas and Tuskin Raiders. It was very cool. I felt a galaxy far, far away. 

And yes, that Stormtrooper totally photobombed our picture!

Unfortunately, today May 4th falls on a Thursday, which means no party 😔 And I don’t have enough time this weekend to make the Star Wars desserts I’ve been wanting dying to make, so double bummer.

But there’s no reason why I can’t make the desserts next week…

If I have time, I will. For now, I’ll just settle for watching the movies to celebrate.

That’s what my sisters and I have been doing. We are in the middle of a Star Wars marathon. Technically, marathons are watching the movies in one shot, but life gets in the way and it’s apparently not a good idea to watch 16 hours of TV straight. So over the course of a week, my sisters and I have polished off Episodes I – VI. This weekend will see the last two movies of the Saga, The Force Awakens and Rogue One. And we’ll do it again this December, before Episode VIII The Last Jedi comes out.

I love rewatching the movies, even the prequels. There were so many things that I missed, scenes that I laugh way too hard at now. Like the scene in RotS, where Yoda goes to confront Sidious, and the Red Guards are prepared to take care of Yoda, but the little  Jedi Master just waves his hand a bit nonchalantly and Force-flings the guards into the wall. I probably re-winded that scene at least five times.

Watching the movies again made it even harder to choose a favorite. I can’t! I have a favorite character (Darth Vader, hands down; it’s not even fair to the other characters how much I love Vader), but I can’t choose a favorite movie. What’s your favorite? Or do you have a difficult time choosing too?

Have a happy May the Fourth!

PS: does anyone else celebrate Revenge of the Fifth too?


4 thoughts on “May the Fourth 2017

  1. Omg! You had so much more fun on May the Fourth than I did! NO FAIR
    Just kidding 😁😎
    Wow, I never thought of that, the Revenge of the Fifth thing. That’s PERFECT.
    If only I had a Sith costume…
    Ooh, ooh! How about tomorrow, with absolutely no warning, we blast the best Dark Side themes in the house!

  2. I definitely am into Revenge of the Fifth! Why celebrate Star Wars for one day when you could celebrate for two?

    1. I agree! Is it extreme if we extend the celebration of Star Wars to an entire week, officially? Because I already have… Maybe the celebration should be one day per movie. Let make this a thing!

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