Day of the Eleventh Doctor

Now that Whole30 is over and out of the way, let’s have some fun!!

Yesterday, April 3rd, was Day of the Eleventh Doctor. I apologize for being late to the party, but 12 hours late is better than 12 years…

Hopefully no one needs four psychiatrists because of my late post.
Anyway, I’ve been looking forward to Day of the Eleventh Doctor on April 3rd ever since I read about it on some nerd blog. I’ve been thinking about what I could make to celebrate my favorite regeneration. Two of the ideas I tossed around were homemade TARDIS self-destruct buttons (A.K.A jammie dodgers) and blue velvet cupcakes with fez and bow tie decorations. But I wanted to do something big. Something I’ve never done before. True, I’ve never made any of the above, but that’s besides the point. I wanted to make a cake.

And not just any cake, of course. A TARDIS cake. 

I said ‘geronimo’ and hit the Internet in search of TARDIS cakes. I was bombarded by images and recipes about TARDIS themed cakes. Most of them were chocolate, one layer cakes decorated with blue buttercream. They looked great, but the over-achiever in me wanted to go above and beyond. I wanted to make a layer cake. I saw this super awesome looking cake from Artisan Cake Company. It’s beautiful and doesn’t even look like a cake! The decoration is made with blue modeling chocolate though, and like fondant, I don’t have much any experience with it yet. I decided I was overachieving enough, setting out to make a multi-layered TARDIS cake. I would stick to frosting, my specialty.

Now that I had the exterior of my cake in mind, what flavors would I choose? I immediately dismissed the chocolate idea; it just doesn’t scream ‘Doctor Who’ to me. What flavor would match Eleven’s personality? It’s kind of embarrassing that I couldn’t think of a flavor that reminded me of my favorite Doctor. So I texted my friend for a suggestion. And I could not believe I didn’t think of it before!

She suggested a custard frosting. 

It was a huge DUH moment. Custard! It’s often the very first thing that usually comes to Whovian’s minds when we think of Matt Smith’s Doctor. Instantly, the ideas started pouring in. I would do a fish fingers and custard flavored cake. 

Ok, well not really. Admittedly, that would be gross. So I thought of a cake flavor that would resemble fried fish fingers: cinnamon swirl vanilla cake with vanilla custard frosting. There’s a Doctor Who themed restaraunt in Beacon, NY, called the Pandorica and they have “fish fingers and custard” on their dessert menu. It’s fried french toast sticks with custard. It was delicious, and now is the inspiration for my cake.

I was so excited to be making this cake, I literally couldn’t wait. Of course, I was extremely worried that it wouldn’t work, and given that this is my first time making a cake like this, I expected it to totally flop. Well, I’m pleased to say that it didn’t. The frosting may just be my new go-to. It’s much simpler than I thought it would be. The hardest part was exercising enough patience for the custard and the butter/sugar mixture to whip together. 

I love Eleven. He’s funny, klutzy, and likes random things. His TARDIS is my favorite shade of blue. His companion, Clara, is my favorite. He’s the one who says my favorite Doctor Who quotes about life, and my favorite episode (Vincent and the Doctor) is one of his. Somehow, he seems so wise and so much like a grandfather, while simultaneously having the energy of a puppy and the maturity of a five-year-old. Eleven is the lovable uncoordinated housecat of the regenerations.

The reasons why I love him are endless.

Oh, and I have a Doctor Who playlist now. Doctor Who playlists are cool.

I used this recipe for the cinnamon swirl vanilla cake, and this one for the custard frosting. I’m definitely using both again!

To keep the cake from tipping over, I used a shish kebab skewer in each corner. Even with the kebab sticks, the cake does lean a little to the side, but it’s hardly noticeable. 

My family can’t wait to dig into it.


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