Right Now – March 2017

O M G.

That’s all I have to say. How is it March 15th of 2017 already?! Time just- it didn’t even fly by! It ran me over! 

I guess it’s because I’ve been busy. With school and all, my life just won’t stop. I suppose that’s a good thing; I would rather be busy than having absolutely nothing to do. I don’t like the feeling of being idle.

So it’s March 15th, and update time! As you might know, I am doing the Whole30 program this month. I’m writing a Week 2 round-up post (probably posting it tomorrow).  So in the realm of food, March isn’t the most festive time. But I’m feeling great and that alone is worth it.

Got snow? We do! 2 feet of it! It’s crazy how much snow we have in the middle of March. But my dog, Max loves it.  I nearly froze my fingers off during this little photoshoot of my baby boy. 

Next, I got my learner’s permit in the mail this week! Like, the actual ID card; not the paper copy they gave me at the DMV. So that’s super exciting for me. Regretfully, however, I haven’t gotten a chance to drive much. Just a little practicing in parking lots here and there.

As for workouts, because I realize that my blog title is Pots, Pens & Push-ups, yet I have not posted a single thing about workouts. During the month of March, I am re-doing Jillian Michael’s BodyShred program. It’s intense, and because this is my third time going through it again, I’ve condensed it. Normally, you would be doing each of the 8 workout videos twice a week for two weeks. But I get bored in my workouts easily, and for another reason I will mention in just a bit, I decided to just do each video once, but in the same order according to the rotation calender. The second reason is I don’t want my body to burn out.  On it’s own and followed the way intended, BodyShred is incredibly intense. It’s no lie when Jillian says it will shred your body. It’s true. It’s hard enough to get you in shape, but not to the point where you would pass out. But following it the rotation calender way and half-marathon training is too much. So I condensed it and I’m seeing the results I want. And I’m incredibly sore.

Another thing that happened this month was the dress shopping. On April 1st, our homeschool group is having a formal party with dancing and dinner. It’s going to be so much fun, all ages and I can’t wait for the dancing! But my sisters and I didn’t have anything formal enough for this occasion, so dress shopping we went. A full day of searching through hundreds of dresses from various stores, plus shoes and other items. It was exhausting, and this is coming from someone who likes shopping. I don’t like dress shopping, though I did find a beautiful gown that is perfect. I actually found two; the first one is the one I really want. It wasn’t my size but it was the last one 😭 Armed with the skew number, we searched the online stores and finally found it on Amazon. Hopefully it’s what I expect, but we’ll see. It’s a floor length gown, black and blue. I love it because the blue is not screaming. It’s on the top of the dress and subtle, almost hidden underneath a layer of black chiffon. The rest of the dress is black with a chiffon layer. It’s super comfortable, light enough to dance in, but really needs to be altered for a shortie like me. The second dress is nearly exactly the same. It’s the same length, therefore also needing to be altered, and has the same chiffon skirt, but instead of the top being a hidden blue, it’s black and white.

Oh! Last week I went to the library and got Gone With The Wind. I love it. I don’t like Scarlett, but I don’t mind Rhett. And of course, I love his name. The library we go to in Warwick has this little used book shop. I got a bunch of Mary Higgins Clark’s books and some John Grisham books too. I’m very pleased with my book pile. I can’t wait to devour the rest of them.

Well, that’s what’s happening. How is your month so far?


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