5 More Minutes, 2017…

Hold up and slow down. 2017? Is it just me? Or is time really going by so fast?

2016 just started, right? 

It’s been quite the year. And January 2016 felt like so long ago, though it went by so fast!

2016 has been a milestone year in my life, and not just because I turned 16 years old. So much more happened than that. I created this new blog. I finally found something I want to do with my life job-wise. I got to know myself a whole lot better. We moved to a new part of New York and settled in strangely fast. Not to mention the AWESOME music I’ve found and fell in love with!!

Like any other year, it’s had ups and downs. But overall, 2016 was one of my best years (so far). I’m sad to see it go so fast, but I’m ready for 2017 and whatever it has to bring. 


2 thoughts on “5 More Minutes, 2017…

    1. Twenty øne piløts, mainly. I first heard of them in 2015, following the release of Blurryface, but I didn’t really get into their music until later in 2016. So that’s what I was speaking of; I found my favorite band 😄
      There are others too. I rediscovered childhood favorites, and new old bands like Fall Out Boy.

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