My characters in a nutshell

One of the first things people usually learn about me is that I’m a writer. But it takes awhile to get to know the people I write about; my characters. When I start talking about this, people have told me that I sound schizophrenic. They think I also have multiple personality disorder. Well, I don’t. I am a writer. It’s what we do. We create people from nothing and stick them in settings and plots that we also created from nothing. Those characters have history, they have depth. They have personalities just like flesh and blood people. They just happen to only exist in worlds that are in our heads until we put pen to paper. But those characters are real.

 And yes, we know this sounds crazy.

I guess only writers will understand this.

“Writers aren’t exactly one person… They’re a whole bunch of people trying … to be one person.”

– F. Scott Fitzgerald

As I’ve mentioned on the About page here, I’m writing a book called Before the Clock Strikes Zero. Simply put, Before the Clock Strikes Zero is set in the dystopian year 2030. In the midst of another world war, a man called the Warden has risen to power and has created the most powerful, versatile army ever in existence: an army of children. The story follows the training the Warden provides for the Students (what the children are called) at the Academy.

It’s funny how the simple, short version doesn’t even begin to cover it. Hmm. 

My characters are, drum roll please:

Avalon Harlow, the sixteen-going-on-seventeen-year-old heroine and narrator. She’s an ENTJ and has blue hair. She likes to be in charge and has no problem delegating jobs to the others, so long as they’re capable and efficient. She absolutely loathes the Warden with every fiber of her being.

Liam Marsden, the seventeen-year-old right-hand-man to Avalon. He’s an ISFJ and is almost the exact opposite of Avalon. He is good at being told what to do and he is obedient. He can stand up for himself, but he much rather bend down to help someone else up.

Nova Marsden, Liam’s fourteen-year-old sister. She’s an INTP and would much rather be reading and learning about the history of the world she never knew. She is convinced that she is not a child anymore and hates when Avalon disrupts her reading.

Rhett Harrison, the sweet ten-year-old ESFJ. He is quiet and observant, and easy to deal with. He looks up to Avalon and admires her in every way. He’s pretty sensitve, but he doesn’t cry easily.

Jaxson Harrison (Jax), Rhett’s missing twin brother. He disappeared a few months prior to the beginning of the book. He is an ESTP and a wild child. He clashed with Avalon. He clashed with Liam. He clashed with Rhett. The only person he didn’t clash with was Nova. Strangely.

Malachi Merrick, the nineteen-year-old guard assigned to watch over Avalon. He is an ENTP, is charismatic and loves to inspire others. Like Avalon, he is a rule-breaker. 

And finally, the Warden, the sixty-one-year-old with autocratic power over the Students being trained at his Academies. As his title suggests, he’s in charge of everything. He’s an ESTJ. 

So those are my characters in a nutshell. And a very tiny nutshell at that.


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